Keylight Platform

Empower all levels of your organization to make better and faster business decisions by connecting people, processes and technology. LockPath’s Keylight platform correlates data from multiple sources with current regulations to deliver valuable context. Merge organizational silos by harmonizing risk management, vulnerability remediation and internal audit activities.

Purpose-built apps integrated through a common platform

The Keylight platform integrates an expanding series of applications that address specific problems – powerful alone or in combinations. The platform and its apps are designed to support effortless customization through an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop, point-and-click configurations. This greatly reduces the time and effort to implement and maintain your solution compared to traditional GRC platforms.

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Dynamic report creation and dashboards

Quickly capture and surface meaningful data. Keylight’s patent-pending Dynamic Content Framework puts flexible configuration in the hands of your organization, rather than a developer. Experience the benefits of customization without code by modifying data models and creating reports with menu-driven controls drag-and-drop ease. A library of charts and report types deliver powerful ways to visually compare data sets. Executives gain visibility and operational managers focus efforts through user-configurable dashboards.

Advanced workflow and assessment capabilities

Support your existing business process. Keylight’s integrated workflow engine maps out business processes and provides automation around immediate and periodic notifications and transitions. Learn about and optimize your process by getting immediate project status by viewing stages in workflow, including how long tasks have been idle. Keylight also has the ability to share and test knowledge of policies. Awareness events and follow-up assessments based on the standards or regulations you manage can be auto-generated and deployed through Keylight. Drastically reduce time spent on performing internal control and risk assessments by automatically generating, issuing, scoring and reporting on findings. Assessment answers can add context by automatically creating objects in Keylight, like risks or incidents.

Unparalleled 3rd party content and data integrations

Leverage industry leaders and best practices. Keylight features some of the most thorough technology partner integrations in the market. Flexible content options include the ability to incorporate your existing controls framework alongside Keylight’s controls library which harmonizes over 700 standards, regulations and best practices. Harmonized controls allow you to quickly identify gaps and eliminate redundant requirements. Keylight’s connector library allows easy integration with leading SIEMs, vulnerability, device configuration and web application scanners. Integrating InfoSec data further harmonizes IT GRC programs with EGRC programs which are intricately connected.

Results are immediate. Keylight’s setup procedure is a login prompt, compared to other programs that can be a dozen pages of steps.

Shawn Tiemann, Solutions Engineer

Built to scale in any enterprise environment

Maintain performance expectations. Keylight is engineered to rapidly process massive amounts of data without annoying lag times. Real-time dashboards and platform-wide search deliver data quickly and efficiently. Reduce complexity by eliminating the task of managing multiple sets of credentials with Keylight’s single sign-on protocol. Keylight is used by companies of all sizes and supports a virtually unlimited user base, including multiple types of users based on the roles within your organization and its partners.

Flexible delivery options in the cloud or on-premise

Keylight offers extreme delivery flexibility. Realize the benefits of a true cloud delivery. Keylight’s secure cloud offering (not an ASP) can be deployed instantly. Its single codebase provides access to all available features and the high configurability lets you can easily tune your instance to support your business cases. If your enterprise prefers localization, Keylight is available for on-premises deployment.

For additional flexibility, Keylight offers several hybrid cloud/on-prem delivery options that leverage the benefits of both methods. For example, programs such as third party management can be facilitated partially on-prem to preserve corporate security requirements, plus include a cloud-based portal for surveying third parties such as vendors, contractors or business associates. Keylight can evolve with your business and is engineered to support migration from one delivery method to the other as your business architecture requirements change.