Business Continuity Manager

Simplify business continuity.

Long before disaster strikes, companies of all sizes need to ensure essential business functions will remain available to customers, vendors and regulators. Don't gamble your organization's reputation and revenue or your own career by being unprepared. Business Continuity Manager makes the development, management and execution of effective business continuity plans simple.

Create a Business Continuity Plan

With Business Continuity Manager, organizations can easily create comprehensive business continuity strategies to minimize operational impact. Providing peace of mind, Business Continuity Manager gives organizations the ability to:

  • Get a comprehensive business continuity plan in place quickly
  • Leverage pre-built forms, workflows and notifications to build a business continuity plan
  • Create fully customized plans down to individual fields, field types, field visibility and forms
  • Organize complex information, determine loss impact and prioritize recovery objectives
  • Appoint a team leader, identify and connect essential personnel, and define critical vendors
  • Conduct tabletop exercises to test and evaluate plan effectiveness
  • Uncover valuable insight via business impact analysis and tabletop exercises
  • Simplify the review of plans and exercises through custom workflows and notifications
  • Easily export business continuity plan content with all supporting documents