The Automated GRC Approach

Think about every rule and regulation your company or organization has to follow. Add every risk you face and how it impacts your business strategy. Consider all the internal and external threats that could disrupt your operations, hurt your reputation and impact your bottom line. Contemplate all the incidents your employees disclose, the internal and external audits you undergo, and the third parties you must track. Think about how often these forces change and the time, money, and manpower it takes to manage and update this information.

Now imagine a platform that helps make sense of it all.  That’s Keylight®.


“Automation is the clear hands down winner. In today’s environment, with as much risk as there is and what happens when you don’t have things properly set-up […] there is no way you can keep up with all of the requirements in as organized and orderly of fasion.” –Deborah Cheek, Executive Vice President, CRFS


“We had a process that was manual, so we were looking for some automated solutions to be able to advance and track risk throughout this risk management framework process. […] The flexibilty, ease of creation and setup was the selling point for us.” –Ted Keith, Principal Security Consultant, BCBS Tennessee

The Straightforward GRC Approach

Many GRC software tools only add to the complexity of managing compliance, risk, vendor assessments, IT security and audit activities. They are cumbersome to use, take months to implement and require programmable code to scale with a company’s growth or adapt to process changes. LockPath® designed the Keylight platform to be flexible, scalable and easily configurable to quickly adapt to changing needs without relying on ongoing technical assistance. It allows you to seamlessly import, centralize, and manage large amounts of data without a single line of code.  

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Flexibility and scalability to address existing processes

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Straightforward approach for bringing order to the chaos of risk management and compliance

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Rapid time to value, up and running in weeks, not months or years

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