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Protect IT assets from risks and threats with Blacklight

Layered security protects your organization from threats and bad actors, but what’s your security defense for you IT assets, as well as your plan for identifying and resolving asset misconfigurations? The answer: you manage. Sort of.

Despite the increased attention on information and cybersecurity programs, companies continue to perform monthly or quarterly asset audits during system downtimes. However, the ongoing threats and increase in regulatory requirements call for continuous security monitoring in order to better protect IT assets.

Rely on the Blacklight Platform for real-time insights into your asset configuration status. With Blacklight, you can:

  • Create and maintain a complete and accurate asset and application database
  • Continuously audit assets against CIS and custom benchmarks to discover misconfigurations
  • Identify the risk of misconfigurations before assets develop vulnerabilities
  • Generate real-time risk scores based on asset criticality to better allocate resources
  • Run pass/fail reports and prioritize findings in tickets for investigation/remediation
  • Tie configurations to controls to better assess and measure IT risk

Blacklight’s continuous security monitoring can help you protect critical networks and assets while reducing the risk of breaches and lowering compliance costs.


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