This Valentine’s Day, express appreciation for auditors

Chances are, you have a love/hate relationship with auditors. You love the contribution they make to the organization but hate that they disrupt your work or provide feedback you may not agree with. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to bridge the divide.

Expressions of appreciation and gratitude delivered can open the door to greater communication and collaboration between business units and the audit department. It’s like a compliment that Psychology Today writes: “If given right, compliments create so much positive energy that they make things happen almost as if by magic.”

Here are six ways to articulate your gratitude for the audit department this Valentine’s Day:

val-calcYou are SUMbody special!
Everything you do in the audit department adds up, from evidence gathering to generating audit workpapers. It’s the work you do as an auditor day in, day out that makes a difference.

You rule!
Audit department, we treat your findings as the final ruling. We pore over details to update processes, add controls and change procedures. Your findings help us better manage risk.

val-duckWe’d quack up without you
Where would we be as an organization without the audit department? We depend on your research and analysis to drive out inefficiencies, lower risk and improve operations.

We Gantt get enough of you!
Our project schedules and timetables depend on the work of auditors. What you recommend drives our work that generates results for our organization.

Be mine!
Auditors, you’re a part of our organization. You may not feel that way when delivering bad news and encountering resistance to remediation plans. Rest assured, what you do is vitally important.

val-choc-coins-2Don’t ever change
You may at times question your career choice as an auditor. It’s tedious and time-consuming work to be insightful and objective. You don’t need to change. Your toolsets do!

Equipping auditors with the right toolsets can streamline the audit process, as well as facilitate collaboration and communication between departments. An integrated risk management solution also enables stakeholders and auditors to address risk and audit findings holistically, which strengthens operations and enables the organization to be more agile and resilient.

And to think, a better working relationship came about all because you expressed your appreciation for the work auditors do to protect the organization this Valentine’s Day.

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