Policy Awareness and Training in the 21st Century

Every successful organization, no matter the industry, must have policies and training in place. Many companies are still using manual processes like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to manage their policy awareness and training programs. Not only is this inefficient and time consuming, but the probably of something slipping through the cracks makes it a potential risk to your organization.

In today’s world, there are simply too many regulations and best practices for an outdated tool to manage. We have compiled a list of 7 ways a GRC platform will help you achieve a successful policy awareness and training program in the 21st century.

  1. Create, update, and distribute policies. A GRC tool such as Keylight makes it easy to create policies from scratch using templates or importing from another source. Versioned reporting allows the policy owner to review changes. Keylight also allows you to push the policies out to end users to read and acknowledge their understanding.
  2. Test your employees’ knowledge and understanding of a particular policy. Unfortunately, we know that not everyone reads something before they sign it, making it possible for an end user to attest to a policy without fully understanding what it means. A GRC tool can issue dynamic, bulk assessments to your workforce so you ensure comprehension and see the areas that may require more training.
  3. Create an audit trail. If an auditor were to show up today, how would your organization do? How certain are you that your staff fully understands your policies and procedures? After your employees attest to the policy and pass an assessment with the desired score, Keylight will time and date stamp their submission. This way, in case something were to happen, you can easily refer back to the attestation.
  4. Act as a central repository. Instead of having multiple documents and spreadsheets floating around the office, Keylight will keep all of your policies, procedures, and checklists in one centrally located, easily accessible place. This makes it much easier for employees to quickly review a policy if needed.
  5. Put automated workflows in place. No one likes having to track down a document just to send it off to the next person for review. A GRC tool will allow you to establish a workflow process to approve and publish your policies.
  6. Comply with multiple regulations. Most companies have a wide variety of regulations they must comply with, such as HIPAA, PCI, NERC CIP, etc. More often than not, there are overlapping requirements with multiple regulations. For example, a specific citation that is a part of HIPAA might also be required for PCI. Instead of writing multiple policies, a GRC tool, such as Keylight, lets you map your policies to your controls to help avoid duplicate efforts.
  7. Communicate across multiple departments. Successful organizations avoid department silos. Keylight can link data across multiple departments, keeping everyone in the loop on any changes.

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