5 Ways GRC Can Bust Workplace Silos

Workplace silos are defined as “groups or departments within an organization that work in a vacuum with little functional access to other groups, or little communication with them.” They present an obstacle to collaboration, especially in larger organizations with multiple departments.

Leadership should be concerned with departmental silos interfering with the organization’s success. When companies are siloed, staff members have difficulty understanding how their role relates to the big picture and often do not communicate decisions across other departments. This leads to confusion and can limit the overall growth of the organization.

While breaking down siloed departments must begin with the corporate culture, a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tool can simplify this process by helping promote communication and linking data across departments. Here are five ways a GRC platform can assist in breaking down your organization’s silos:

  1. Act as a central repository for documents, policies, procedures, checklists, plans, etc. Chances are your organization has vital information that pertains to the entire workforce, or multiple departments. A GRC tool, such as Keylight, can store these documents in one centrally located place, ensuring your staff has access to the most up to date information, keeping everyone on the same page.
  2. Gain visibility into other departments by linking corresponding data. While it may not be necessary to know all the nitty gritty inner workings of other departments, it can be helpful to, at the very least, understand the roles, responsibilities and risks and how they relate to other aspects of the organization. Keylight can link any piece of data to another, such as a risk to an asset. Understanding how departments work together is crucial in contributing to the overall success of the organization.
  3. Put workflows in place that allocate tasks across divisions. Encouraging people from different departments to work together is one of the best ways to eliminate office silos. Most organizations encounter daily tasks that must go through multiple departments to be completed. Keylight can simplify this process with non-linear workflows that clearly outline each step.
  4. Issue bulk assessments to collect information from multiple departments. Need to test your staff on a new policy or assess your organization’s risks? Keylight lets you build and distribute custom assessments to individual departments or the entire organization so you can collect data quicker and more efficiently.
  5. Use a common framework to measure different areas of the business, such as risk. If each department is using its’ own system of measurement, it will be difficult to use the data collected. It’s crucial to use the same framework so departments can all work toward the big picture. Keylight’s advanced analytics engine makes it easy to build and share reports on any piece of data. Access to multiple dashboards can assist leadership in identifying areas of concern.

Using an outdated tool or manual processes while undergoing a drastic culture change can be a major headache. When departments have their own tools and processes it makes it difficult to promote collaboration and communication across the organization, both of which are crucial in breaking down silos. Investing in a GRC tool like Keylight will ease the burdens that come with uniting siloed departments.

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