One runner. One goal. 50 miles.

Lockpath headquarters features three framed posters that speak to our core values. The first: We are COMMITTED. The second: We are RELENTLESS. The third: We are UNITED.

Each employee is challenged to reflect these core values in their workday. One Lockpath associate took the core values and ran with them—literally.

Lance, our Systems Engineer of Operations & Support, is an avid distance runner who has completed three marathons and a dozen half marathons. However, his next running goal exemplifies our core values.

Committed to a 50-mile race
What would compel Lance to commit to running a 50-mile race on September 7th in nearby Lawrence, Kansas? It was David Goggins’ book, Can’t Hurt Me. As an audiobook, Lance was moved by Goggins’ personal story as the ultimate underdog but mastery of mind fuels his ability to endure pain and complete more than 60 ultra-marathons, among other athletic feats.

Lance was inspired by Goggins’ message. Perhaps the fire within was stoked by the core values posters hanging prominently in the kitchen area where Lance is often spotted blending smoothies. Soon after that, Lance committed to the audacious goal of running 50 miles. It didn’t matter that it’s almost double of any distance he’s run. He’s committed.

The power of commitments drives the actions needed to accomplish a goal.

Relentless in training
Accomplishing a major goal like running a 50-mile race requires a training regimen and entails risk. Lance connected with an ultra-running coach from Phys Ed KC. His coach has given Lance a detailed training schedule to follow that entails long runs, short runs, rest days, stretches and other workouts. It also includes tune-ups like last Saturday’s Rock the Parkway half marathon.

Lance faces several risks as he relentlessly trains, from runner’s knee and a twisted ankle to pulled muscles and back pain. Any injury can lay up a runner for weeks, and such an injury could interfere with training to the degree that Lance might have to pull the plug.

Working in Lance’s favor is having a coach that knows the training required and a plan that Lance must execute to maximize training and minimize the risk of injury. Having the right gear is also helpful like great running shoes and a fitness tracker. The device not only reports metrics like distance, mileage, split times, heart rate and more, it gives instant feedback. Lance knows precisely how he’s doing during a run and after.

Relentless training increases the odds of succeeding at a goal beyond one’s wildest expectations.

United in goal
Running is a solitary activity. Even so, with a goal as a big as Lance’s, it’s essential to have a team urging him on during the many months of training. First and foremost, Lance’s spouse is supportive of his goal. Words of encouragement are helpful when the alarm goes off, and it’s still dark outside. Even the family dog with her happy-go-lucky attitude lifts Lance’s spirits on a cold, dark morning.

It’s also beneficial being around other runners who are supportive. Lance runs with a group of distance runners who do a weekly Sunday morning long run sponsored by the Run816 store. Even this blogger has run with Lance on these long runs, albeit trailing him by a couple of minutes.

Any worthwhile endeavor requires a team united in achieving the goal.

We commend Lance on his stretch goal to complete a 50-mile race. We know the power of our cultural values of commitment, relentless pursuit and united in purpose to go the distance. This summer, we’ll check back in with Lance and update you on his progress.

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