Thanksgiving Well-Wishes Dished Out

Thanksgiving Day is next Thursday. It’s a distinctly American holiday with families gathering around the table for turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings. TVs will fixate on NFL football with three games while other viewers will tune in the Macy’s Parade.

It’s helpful to remember what Thanksgiving means. As All About History noted, it’s about “gathering in unity in celebration of a common purpose. It’s a reconciliation of differences, as well as a time of healing. In sharing struggles and victories, we find strength and hope.”

In this post, we’ll share some struggles and victories as we express gratitude for the legions of professionals in risk management, compliance, ethics, IT security, and internal audit. In sharing, we’ll discover strength and hope in the dawn of a new decade.

Thank you, risk managers

For those who work in risk management, you deserve special recognition. By managing risk, the likelihood of an incident or a data breach is lower. You may even have turned risk into a competitive advantage. Bravo! Your struggle is with the expanding risk landscape. All incidents that didn’t occur this year are victories.

Compliance professionals, take a bow

Compliance professionals tackle complex regulations and standards. You keep the company out of hot water and in good graces with regulators. However, data privacy regulations have been a struggle, especially with CCPA taking effect on New Year’s Day. Any efforts to streamline compliance tasks and save money this year are victories.

Ethics professionals, well done

Ethics professionals work daily to foster a more ethical workplace. We salute your efforts to train the workforce, promote employee reporting, and caution retaliation. Your struggle is in convincing organizations to see the business value of ethics beyond compliance requirements. Every whistleblower report is a victory in building an ethical culture.

A debt of gratitude, IT Security professionals

IT security keeps organizations out of harm’s way, and for that, we’re thankful. We appreciate all the patches, fixed misconfigurations, hardened systems and assets; the list is endless. Your struggle is ever-present, from resource and staffing challenges to issues with data deluge. Every day without an incident or a data breach is a victory.

Internal auditors, we salute you

The auditing profession is celebrated every May for International Audit Awareness Month, but audits happen throughout the year. We salute you, auditor. You are the final line of defense with the ability to spot issues and inefficiency. Your struggle is constant change, the burden of solo spotting trouble, and leveraging technology for the audit process. Every audit finding has been a victory, regardless of how well it was received.

Given our business is integrated risk management, we encounter these hard-working professionals and witness firsthand their struggle and victories. We marvel at their dedication, how much they care, and the organizational impact they make using our platforms.

From all of us at NAVEX Global Overland Park, we’re thankful for the opportunity to work with you. Our wish is that you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. In sharing, may you too, find strength and hope for the year ahead.

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