The Corporate World’s Moneyball Tech

Many parallels have been drawn between sports and the corporate world. Most of which go beyond those Vince Lombardi quotes your colleague has hanging in their cube. Whether or not someone understands sports, most business professionals grasp the concept of effective, efficient performance. Sports teams and organizations alike are constantly competing in the game that is optimization. As such, opposition is often encountered.

The movie, Moneyball, was inspired by the true-story exploits of Major League Baseball General Manager Billy Beane. In the movie, Brad Pitt (playing the role of Beane) is tasked with rebuilding a World Series-worthy roster while contending with a miniscule payroll and skeptical superiors (Beane’s story was also the subject of a 2003 book of the same name, written by sportswriter Michael Lewis). By employing the unproven method of computer-generated data analytics, Beane was able to compile an effective team of underrated players who eventually go on to set records and surpass expectations.

In the business world, departments are often asked to perform tasks with minimal resources. Whether it be budgetary constraints or lack of manpower, teams must utilize efficient, effective tactics to achieve their respective goals. Just as in Moneyball, companies today are beginning to apply advanced methods for accomplishing this.

With creating enterprise-wide efficiency being the name of the game, GRC solutions are the Moneyball tech of the corporate world. These solutions enable organizations to quickly evolve compliance, risk and audit management tasks from inefficient and labor-intensive, to centralized and streamlined. With additional capabilities of ingesting and analyzing data from multiple sources, Billy Beane’s team may have gone undefeated had he exploited such a solution.

With GRC solutions, ROI is not realized as wins or championship rings, but rather in reduced expenses and intelligent risk management. By automating manual processes, departments spend less time on the mundane, reducing the need for exorbitant teams and added resources. Comprehensive vulnerability profiles can be created to provide in-depth insight of up-to-date security postures. Thus, organizations can prioritize remediation tasks and avoid adverse events.

Although these seemingly disparate vocations are carried out on different playing fields, truths can still be drawn from their parallels. Moneyball demonstrated how efficiency can trump excess when implemented correctly. Much is the same in enterprise processes. GRC solutions transform organizations into all-star teams who, despite the absence of a corporate World Series, are granted the ability to hoist their own trophy of measured success. It is these achievements that count because, ultimately, “The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” -Vince Lombardi

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