Celebrating Waffle Day at Lockpath

When the topic is risk management, we don’t waffle. But on this special day, we’re all about waffling. It’s our annual Waffle Day at Lockpath, a NAVEX Global Company.

Some may ask: isn’t International Waffle Day on March 25? In the US, Americans celebrate Waffle Day on August 24. It commemorates the day in 1869 when the first waffle iron was patented.

The brains behind the celebration, not to mention the culinary talents, belong to Sam Abadir, VP of Industry Solutions. By day, Sam delivers his expertise on risk management. On Waffle Day, he magically turns into an oublieur (waffle chef) and passionately turns out delicious waffles for staff members.

Let’s discover what makes Sam’s waffles so wonderful.

Great waffles
If your idea of a waffle is served in a diner or comes in a Bisquick box, your taste buds are in for a real treat. Sam’s Belgian and Liege waffles are exceptional to devour. The standout for most is the Liege waffle infused with caramelized pearls of sugar, a hint of vanilla and notes of other complex flavors. The taste is unique and amazing, a trifecta of crunch, sweetness and chewiness. No butter or syrup needed. Sam calls the Liege waffle the greatest waffle ever made.

To better grasp what goes into his waffles, let’s ask Sam.

“The brioche has been developing for three days. It starts with three times leavened yeast (not baking powder leavened) dough kneaded with pounds of butter delivered one tablespoon at a time. This morning, the brioche was kneaded with pearled sugar. With the Liege, butter and syrup are built-in, providing a more complex and elegant experience.”

It’s participatory
Sam doesn’t slave over waffle irons all morning. He helps turn each Lockpather into an oublieur with advice and instructions.

Employees are instructed on how much batter to use and how long to leave it in the iron. Timing is everything. Set a timer on your smartphone so you don’t run the risk of burning your waffle.

It’s participatory. For Sam, he gets to share his passion for great waffles, and for us, there’s joy in making them.

That’s how we roll —we roll up our sleeves, whether it’s making waffles or managing risk.

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