Halloween, NAVEX Global style

Merge work with play leads to a competitive advantage, according to an article by Deloitte.

It’s why fun is part of NAVEX Global’s culture, and Halloween exemplified fun. All offices were encouraged to dress up, decorate their department spaces, and bring the kids in for trick-or-treating.

At NAVEX Global’s Overland Park office, our Halloween spirit was on full display. Every department took on a theme and decorated their surroundings. Staffers showed up for the day in costume, and several brought their little ones in for trick-or-treating.

Support danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with a crowd of onlookers. Marketing served Harry Potter Butterbeer to visiting Muggles. There was a chili cookoff, space contest, and best costume contest. We give props to the costumes, from the King of Candy Land and Lord of the Rings’ The Nazgûl to our remote Joker. See photos from the day here.

Congrats to the costume winners:

  • Best overall: Jason Goodwin
  • Funniest: Caleb Beck
  • Most creative: Spencer Childs

All that said, our “We’re not worthy!” goes to the Professional Services department that won our space decorating contest. Their space was transformed into a used car lot called Bob Katz Klunkerz, complete with a triangle pennant that outlined the lot, signs posted like “Easy Finance!”, and a stereotypical wacky inflatable tube man. Pro Serve staffers also dressed up as sleazy used car salesmen.

But wait, there’s more. Pro Serve created a website for Bob Katz Klunkerz and sent out three emails to drive traffic to the site. It combined physical and digital to create a lasting impression.

Halloween at NAVEX Global bridges departments and brings people together in a fun atmosphere. As the Deloitte article noted, “companies that embrace fun as an intentional culture value tend to have more success because it’s known as a widespread organizational aspiration.”

We couldn’t agree more. Bringing people and organizations together to achieve goals and manage risk is what we do.

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