Business Continuity Manager

Devise, test, and initiate business continuity and recovery plans

From hurricanes to security breaches, companies of all sizes need to ensure their essential business functions remain available should disaster strike. LockPath’s Business Continuity Manager helps businesses create custom continuity plans to prepare for the worst, manage the associated risks and minimize potential losses. Organizations can put a comprehensive and customized plan in place and, should disaster occur, pull together disparate resources to quickly begin the recovery process.


Would disaster compromise your operations?
If a crisis affects your business, your customers may still need products or services. Will they wait for you to recover or go to your competitor? Will you be able to fulfill contracts and service agreements? Keylight helps organizations ensure essential functions remain available to customers, vendors and regulators through collaborative business continuity planning. Use Business Continuity Manager to build multiple business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management plans based on risks you define—from natural disasters, to IT security breaches to terrorism.

Ensure the right people know what to do
If only a select group of personnel know or can access contingency plans, they’ll be of little use in the event of a crisis. Use Keylight to centralize your plans by blending key assets, policies, critical vendors and risks into one accessible program. Store your plans in a secure cloud so they can be accessed remotely if you have to physically move operations during a crisis.

Solidify plans by measuring and testing
With risks tied to key assets, you can test your plans with tabletop exercises to determine likely outcomes, then revise your plans to optimize results. Keylight also interconnects your plans with your overall risk process, so you can perform business impact analysis and easily visualize key performance and risk indicators. The application also identifies regulatory requirements that may fall into non-compliance if critical business processes are not effectively recovered following a crisis.

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