The Keylight Platform

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The Keylight Platform Differentiators

The following is an excerpt from the full data sheet.

Lockpath’s award-winning Keylight Platform is used by organizations to automate business processes, reduce enterprise risk and demonstrate regulatory compliance. The Keylight Platform’s standard features and optional enhancements make it the most comprehensive platform available.

The Keylight Platform allows an organization to house its entire list of activities, processes and information in one database. It consists of a fully integrated suite of management applications, connectors to third-party data sources and a user-friendly interface, accompanied by Lockpath’s award-winning support.

The Keylight Platform differentiates itself with the following features and optional enhancements:

  • Patented Dynamic Content Framework™
  • Conditional Layouts
  • Bulk Tasks
  • The Keylight Ambassador™
  • Keylight Connectors
  • Advanced Analytics Engine
  • Anonymous Incident Portal
  • Supplement Existing GRC Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Workflows
  • Versioned Reporting
  • Remote Directory Sync
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Dynamic Assessments
  • Award-Winning Support

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