The Keylight® Platform
for HIPAA Audits, Compliance
and Risk Management

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Keylight Platform for HIPAA Compliance

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Standardize HIPAA compliance with the Keylight Platform

HIPAA Phase 2 audits are well underway. If your healthcare organization receives a desk audit notification letter, you have ten days to respond. Will you be ready if that letter comes?

What if you had a streamlined process for audits, compliance, and risk management, so your healthcare organization didn’t have to stress over HIPAA audits?

Audit-ready with Keylight
Many healthcare organizations depend on the Keylight Platform, developed by LockPath.

It empowers them to comply with healthcare regulations, conduct assessments that assign risk levels to business associates, manages cybersecurity feeds and provides robust reporting for the CIO and other executives. Above all, Keylight keeps you audit-ready with up-to-date, accessible, and presentable documentation.

HIPAA compliance
If your organization stores or has access to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), you likely have a strong awareness of HIPAA compliance and the hazards of non-compliance.

HIPAA compliance requirements include five rules (Security, Privacy, Breach Notification, Omnibus, Enforcement) and three safeguards (Technical, Physical, Administrative). Each rule and safeguard has its own set of requirements.

Keylight brings a standardized approach to HIPAA compliance. Some compliance activities can even be set up for automation.

The platform’s central repository enables multiple departments to document and conduct compliance activities to meet HIPAA requirements. Everything needed, from controls and policies to requirements and mandates, is linked and made accessible in Keylight with user access limited to pre-determined roles.

Conducting risk assessments
The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for enforcing HIPAA’s privacy and security rules. A focus area for the OCR in Phase 2 is ensuring a healthcare organization’s business associate risk assessments are accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Keylight facilitates managing hundreds of assessments and incorporates the OCR’s self-risk assessment tools.

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