Education Services

Our Education curriculum provides a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of the Lockpath Platform, applications, and core elements inherent in the product. In addition to our standard training programs that cover our out-of-the-box solutions, our trainers work closely with the Professional Services team to provide advanced training specific to how users have configured the platform.

Lockpath Fundamentals

This program prepares administrators for setting up the Lockpath platform through its core components. Attendees will develop an understanding of how these core components are leveraged in each application. This course is available as a classroom or virtual classroom format.

Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Establish platform security, create users, and manage component permissions
  • Manage record creation and form design through table management
  • Develop workflows to store and manage records through their lifecycle
  • Design assessment templates to capture responses based on compliance and risk Create reports that display the relevant data for an application
  • Produce dashboards that present key insights to an organizations processes

Lockpath, Inc. is committed to your success. We know that offering a variety of training options is vital to your investment in the Lockpath platform. Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Our programs include a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced, with delivery methods that suit your budget and timeline. Based on each customer’s need, the Education Services team will work to create an effective training plan to ensure success.

Classroom Attend training at Lockpath headquarters. These sessions allow attendees to meet the Lockpath team and interact with other Lockpath users. You’ll enjoy a rich learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. For more information, contact
Virtual Attend a course from the comfort of your desk. With video conferencing, hands-on exercises in our Lockpath training environment, learning is right at your fingertips. These sessions follow a similar format to our traditional classroom courses, but without the hassles of travel. If you have a geographically dispersed team, a private virtual training might be the perfect solution. We follow our standard virtual processes, but the only attendees will be your team. For more information, contact
eLearning Through our eLearning content, you’ll find quick how-to videos, engaging interactive courses, and bundled courses (our learning path) that can lead to certification or a better understanding of process and functionality.

Our Learning Portal is your window into your learning growth. Register for learning and view your progress. As a team leader, you can view your team’s learning progress through dashboards and assign courses to your team.

Becoming a Lockpath Certified Professional provides many business benefits to individuals and their employer. Certification instantly communicates an individual’s ability to configure and administer the Lockpath platform in support of a Governance, Risk and Compliance program and associated business processes. Certification Requirements An individual must have a foundational understanding of the core applications and demonstrate an ability to navigate the platform and configure processes. Certification Path Individuals must attend our core training courses and pass the certification exam.

  • Foundations: a high-level Lockpath beginner course delivered via eLearning.
  • Fundamentals: administrator platform course delivered via classroom or virtual.
  • Certification Exam: a two-part assessment.
    • An electronic written test
    • Case study exercise, that includes formal objectives and process creation instructions

Certification Renewal The Lockpath Certified Professional is certified annually with expiration on December 31 of the year the individual became certified. Certifications obtained 90-days before the end of the calendar year, roll into the next year. After the expiration date, there is a 90-day grace period to re-certify. After which the individual must complete an updated version of the certification exam. For additional details regarding the exam or training, contact

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