Lockpath Enterprise: An Integrated Approach to Risk Management

Quickly adapt to change and get ahead of the competition

The digitization of today’s business requires companies to quickly adapt to change, and if you can’t make the pivot in a timely manner your competitors have an advantage. Conversely, if you move too quickly without the all the correct information, you’re opening the business to more risk.

To act quickly, you need instant access to interdepartmental information and data. Traditional risk management tools are cumbersome to use and lack visibility into how changes will affect other parts of the business. Other systems or services can give you a partial view, but often require additional work to normalize disparate information types and are difficult to integrate with your system of record.

Get the flexibility and insights you need to adapt to change with Lockpath Enterprise. Using patented technology, purpose-built integrations, an advanced analytics engine and award-winning functionality, Lockpath Enterprise:

  • Centralizes and connects risk information from compliance, IT, operations, legal, third parties, and audit across the organization
  • Identifies enterprise risks, risk dependencies and compliance gaps
  • Integrates data from external intelligence feeds with your operational data
  • Monitors risks against your KPIs and KRIs, as well as performs trend analysis
  • Ties risks to business objectives for risk valuation
  • Automatically generates audit tasks based on regulatory guidance

Whether you are evaluating risks enterprise-wide, complying with multiple regulations, outsourcing a new line of business, or pursuing global expansion, Lockpath Enterprise empowers an integrated and agile program so you can turn risk into a competitive advantage.

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