Risk management software for managing risk on the open sea

There is an ocean of risk for business, from dealing with third parties like vendors and suppliers to to keeping up with cyber risk. It’s no wonder you’re looking for risk management software to help you address the dangers ahead and the ones that lurk below the surface.

We have a perspective on that.

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Risk management software equips business to see what’s out there

Risks are typically managed within a department or silo. However, many risks impact the entire organization. Silos are great for some things, but not so great at managing risks that run deep. You need risk management software that connects silos for collaboration, information sharing, and allows you to thrive regardless of the elements.

For that, you need to think beyond risk management software or single-point solutions that perform an aspect of compliance, but sink when it comes to integrating risk management activities.

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Breathe easier with the Keylight Platform for integrated risk management

The Keylight Platform equips you to meet the challenges of integrated risk management throughout the risk management lifecycle. It organizes your enterprise risk management program by centralizing the documentation, scoring, prioritization, and remediation activities of all types of risks.

To address the issue of silos, Keylight has a central repository for multiple departments to document and conduct risk management activities. Access is granted by permissions, so you control who sees what and at which stage of the process.

This isn’t your typical risk management software. Keylight is flexible, scalable and easily configurable to quickly adapt to changing needs without relying on ongoing technical assistance. The ability to adapt to the environment is like the diver equipped to operate under water without oxygen. The platform also allows you to seamlessly import, centralize, and interconnect large amounts of data, enabling a holistic and integrated risk management program.

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How Keylight goes to great depths to manage risk

The Keylight Platform is ideal for all types of risks including:

Third-party risk management
With Keylight, you can track third-party agreements from initial negotiations to contract award and renewal. The platform automates the management process of issuing periodic risk and quality assessments. By streamlining third-party risk management processes, Keylight saves time, effort and costs.

Operational risk management
Examples of operational risk include a conveyor belt that breaks and stops the assembly line, workers going on strike, and a lack of proper training for in-house instructors. Most risk management software solutions only address a specific type of risk. In Keylight, you not only manage risks associated with the organization, but you can also plan for contingencies, mitigate damage from incidents and losses and more.

Information technology risks
Cybercrime is on the rise in every aspect of business. Keylight has a pivotal role in protecting and managing IT risk. It aggregates scan data from leading security products to help identify threats and prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity. Vulnerabilities and incidents are tracked in Keylight for investigation, monitoring, and remediation. Both are recorded and reviewable by management.

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Discover what business treasures: a competitive advantage

One of the biggest rewards of managing risk with an integrated approach is the ability to increase your risk appetite. It’s a competitive advantage. Your typical risk management software can’t come close to offering this. Go here to learn about the Keylight GRC platform.

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