for Audit Management

Bring efficiency to audit management

Audits help strengthen business operations, however, conducting audits within a defined timeline can be challenging. It can be difficult gathering information from owners in various departments and locations. The sheer volume of audits can also overwhelm auditors.

The auditor’s tools of the trade — spreadsheets, word processing documents, shared drives and email — are falling short in a business world leveraging digital processes and automation. The result is often smaller scope audits which leaves your company at risk.

There’s a more efficient way to conduct audits—the Keylight Platform. Using Keylight, internal and external auditors can:

  • Orchestrate an audit universe populated with audits
  • Streamline evidence gathering by identifying process and control owners
  • Store evidence in a central location for easy access
  • Identify, generate and schedule audit tasks
  • Create remediation plans based on findings
  • Gain time that can be dedicated to other tasks

Whether you’re auditing information systems, operations, financials, or for compliance, Keylight brings efficiency to audit management by enabling you to manage more audits with fewer resources.


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