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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keylight?

The Keylight Platform is an integrated risk management platform that supports companies in their governance, risk management, compliance, audit and information security efforts. The platform brings visibility to risks frequently managed in disparate sources, aggregates internal data points from all corners of the organization, as well as from assessments, audits, authoritative sources, and external systems. Visit the Keylight Platform page for more information.

What’s the difference between Team Edition, Standard and Enterprise editions?

Risk and compliance programs vary in size and complexity. That’s why we created three editions of Keylight to help support companies in any stage achieve their goals.

Keylight Team Edition supports small teams looking to solve challenges related to compliance and policy management, vendor risk management, and audits.

Keylight Standard is ideal for teams looking to manage their IT and cybersecurity risks, investigate issues and incidents, and business continuity plans.

Keylight Enterprise is for large enterprises looking to integrate all risk management processes across the organization. Download the Keylight Comparisons data sheet for the features and functionality in each edition.

How is Keylight deployed?

Keylight Team Edition and Standard are deployed in the cloud. Keylight Enterprise can be deployed via the Lockpath Cloud or on-premise.

What kinds of connectors does Keylight have?

We offer multiple purpose-built connectors to vulnerability, web application, configuration, SIEM, third-party intelligence feeds, among others. Keylight also has the award-winning Keylight Ambassador, which securely transmits data to Keylight from your on-premise network, as well as an API for any custom integrations. See the Connectors section of our Resources page for our offerings.

If I purchase Keylight Team Edition, can I upgrade to Standard?

Yes, all Keylight editions share a codebase so you can seamlessly upgrade without losing time or work.

What languages do Keylight support?

Keylight offers a multilingual interface so users can work in their preferred language. Keylight Team Edition supports seven languages out-of-the-box: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. Keylight Standard and Enterprise support the ISO 639 family of languages. For more information, download our Multilingual Interface data sheet.

How much does Keylight cost?

Risk management software shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Visit our Keylight pricing page and see how affordable it can be.

Can I try Keylight before I purchase?

Yes, you can request a 14-day free trial of Keylight Team Edition or contact a Lockpath risk consultant for further information.