for Vendor Risk Management

Rely on Keylight for proactive third-party risk management

Third-party risk management is often reactive. An incident involving a vendor demands the company respond. If a data breach is traced to a third party, your company is responsible. A supply chain break caused by a vendor forces you to react to an angry customer.

Most management tools only help you react faster. Using spreadsheets and email to manage a handful of third-party relationships is faster than paper and pencil. However, processes can’t scale to manage dozens or hundreds of vendors. You’re back to reacting when incidents and issues occur.

Experience proactive third-party risk management with the Keylight Platform. The proactive approach comes from managing the third-party lifecycle. Use Keylight to:

  • Create and manage vendor profiles
  • Conduct risk assessments using pre-populated questionnaires
  • Link vendors to policies, risks, controls and more
  • Communicate and collaborate with third parties
  • Reference vendor history for performance review
  • Leverage intelligence feeds from content providers

As more organizations increase their reliance on third parties, risks increase. Equip your company to be proactive in addressing this risk with the Keylight Platform.


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