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Managing Risk

Managing risk and ensuring on-going compliance has never been more important, or more complex. GRC experts tend to reference the creation of a comprehensive program. Executives, on the other hand, need to break it down into actionable parts – consisting of individual risk areas ranging from vendor, policy, incident, and security vulnerability, to regulatory compliance and more.

To bring order to this chaos, Lockpath is introducing Keylight Managed Services. KMS is our straightforward approach to quickly and cost effectively, build and manage key processes for a comprehensive GRC program.

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The KMS Difference

KMS Experts

GRC Experts

Your program managed by GRC experts on an award-winning platform.

KMS Rapid

Rapid Results

The right mix of resources to provide meaningful, rapid time-to-value.

KMS Affordable

Predictable Pricing

Predictable annual pricing to manage operating expenses.

KMS Integration

Managed Integration

Integration with existing advisory service providers and internal PMO.

The GRC Catalyst

KMS Catalyst

KMS becomes the catalyst to assemble the pieces – the processes, control activities, templates, resources and platform – for you. Let us focus on the day to day details, so you can focus on making decisions.

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