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A New Approach to Risk Management

Meet your risk and compliance challenges head on

There’s no question about it, risk and compliance management are complex. Requirements are always changing, there’s always something to review, and some item is inevitably overlooked creating new risks you don’t know about. When it’s time for an audit, it’s anyone’s guess where the information you need is stored, and if it’s the latest version. It requires a lot of time, resources, and effort to make sure responses are accurate.

There’s a reason why it’s so difficult – you’re most likely using the wrong tools for the job. Traditional risk and compliance management methods, such as spreadsheets, word processing documents, shared drives and email can no longer keep up with the increasing complexity of today’s risk and compliance landscape. You need a better way to stay on top of risks and changing compliance requirements while looking ahead to what’s next.

Take a new approach to risk and compliance management with Keylight Team Edition. Using patented technology and award-winning functionality, Keylight Team Edition:

  • Centralizes and manages risk-related information including risks, controls, policies, authoritative guidance, assessments, risk exceptions, third parties and audit tasks
  • Issues risk assessments and tracks their progress
  • Identifies compliance gaps and risk dependencies
  • Manages and maintains third party profiles
  • Issues policy awareness events and tracks attestations both internally and externally
  • Automatically generates audit tasks based on regulatory guidance
  • Jump start your compliance program with pre-built templates

Whether you are complying with a regulation, conducting an enterprise risk assessment, onboarding a new vendor, or preparing for an audit, Keylight team edition will help you work efficiently and boost your productivity.

As your needs grow, the Keylight platform will be there with the right-sized solution that fits your organization.

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