Integrated Solutions to Manage Risk and Compliance

NAVEX Global’s Lockpath solutions bring visibility to risks that are often managed in disparate sources. Having everything centralized, correlated and connected helps organizations understand and holistically manage risk for a stronger, more resilient business.

Integrated Risk Management Platform

Lockpath puts organizations in control of IT and Operational risk. Whether complying with multiple regulations, overseeing vendor relationships, investigating vulnerabilities, or preparing for an audit, Lockpath places risk within the context of your business so you can make better business decisions and drive performance.

Lockpath Business Continuity Management

Build resiliency into your business with a formalized business continuity program.

Lockpath Privacy, Risk & Compliance Management

Create a risk-based and scalable privacy compliance program.

Lockpath Third Party Risk Management

Create an effective, responsive and agile program to understand and manage risk from third parties.