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Bring your team, tools, and data together to launch a high-impact risk and compliance program in less time.

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You manage risk for your company

Risks to your organization’s bottom line come in many shapes and sizes. As a risk professional, you manage how one or many of the following affect your business:

Audit preparation and execution
Business continuity and resiliency
Health and safety
Issues and Incidents
IT risk
Operational risk
Policy governance
Regulatory change
Third-party risk
IT threats and vulnerabilities

But managing risk effectively is challenging

The challenge is real. Managing risk and staying compliant isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen over night. You need a solution that:

Removes the headache of managing traditional spreadsheets and email systems

Provides a centralized source for all compliance, audit, and risk-related information and tasks

Aggregates, correlates, and connects risk data from internal and external sources

Maps compliance requirements to controls, risks, policies, procedures, and audit tasks

Supports interdepartmental collaboration on risk-related initiatives and tasks

Creates real-time reports and dashboards when you need it

Enables the creation, publishing, and analysis of risk assessments

Automates document and risk reviews on a user-defined frequency

Lockpath is Your Solution

The Lockpath Platform is built to fit your growing risk management needs.

Perfect for growing risk and compliance departments

All-in-one enterprise level risk management solution

A New Approach to Risk Management

You already manage risk. Lockpath helps you do it better.

Get up and running quickly

Get up and running quickly

Be up and running quickly with Lockpath’s pre-configured solutions, online training, pre-built templates and award-winning support.

Centralize everything

Centralize everything

Store all risk, compliance and audit-related documents and data in one location for instant access to the latest version of what you need, when you need it.

Discover unknown risks

Discover unknown risks

Interconnect all risk data and documents to reveal compliance gaps and dependencies for an accurate, real-time view of your true risk posture.

See the full risk impact

See the full risk impact

Gain insights and context into how risks align with your business objectives and affect your goals.

• Insights when you need them

Insights when you need them

Get the right data in front of the right people with Lockpath’s role-based user permissions, real-time reports and interactive dashboards.

Scale your solution as your organization grows

Scale your solution as your organization grows

Start with the features you need and add as you grow while keeping overhead and maintenance costs down with Lockpath’s cloud-first offering.

What we do is typically viewed as overhead. With Lockpath, we can show the value to the business.

Lisa Hartford

Dir. of Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance

Lisa Hartford

Dir. of Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance

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