Business Continuity Management

Strengthen business resiliency by planning and preparing for disruptions

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Preparing for the unpredictable

Disruptions to operations don’t provide an advanced warning. You can’t predict when they will happen, but you can prepare for when they do. When trouble strikes, you need a plan in place to minimize the impact on your business operations, reputation and bottom line.

Lockpath Business Continuity Management provides companies with the tools to quickly design and implement a best practice business continuity program. The focused solution’s out-of-the-box configurable templates, standardized processes, and contextual reports and dashboards provides companies with the means to understand risks to business processes, build continuity strategies and plans, and test those plans to ensure effectiveness.

  • Identify risks to business operations
    Catalog key people, processes, resources and assets and assess for risk; conduct business impact analyses to quantify the potential impact of disruption to the business.
  • Design and implement a best practice business continuity program
    Build resiliency and recovery plans that support operations during and after a disruption.
  • Monitor programs and report on performance
    Establish metrics to measure program effectiveness, and monitor for changes that could affect processes or plans and lead to a disruption

If your traditional office management processes can’t mount a strategic, unified response to disruptions, you’re not alone. Lockpath provides the foundation to formalize your business continuity program and manage risk to operations – for companies who are grappling with change and preparing for future disruptions.

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