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A solution for the world’s expanding privacy laws

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Improved ways to manage ongoing and ever-changing regulations

Compliance and risk managers have a big job: Their companies may be subject to data privacy regulations like CCPA, patient privacy regulations like HIPAA, financial obligations like GLBA – and a host of regulations that are specific to industry, geographic location and more. On top of that, customer contracts require an additional layer of privacy compliance.

Tracking privacy regulations is a challenge and tracking compliance activities is harder. For growing companies who strive to honor customer requirements, stay on the right side of ever-changing privacy regulations, and understand risk, compliance itself can become a business risk.

Lockpath Privacy, Risk and Compliance Management helps companies create a baseline privacy compliance and risk management program. Compliance and risk managers use Lockpath to understand the types of data they possess and how it flows throughout the organization; identify and manage privacy compliance requirements; and assess the impact of potential breaches.

  • Understand how risk impacts operations and privacy objectives
    Define privacy landscape, record data processing activities, and perform privacy impact assessments.
  • Develop information security plans to protect customer data
    Implement best practice security frameworks, create policies and establish performance metrics.
  • Create a multi-regulation compliance program
    Set the foundation for a scalable privacy program to meet new and expanding requirements.

Lockpath Privacy, Risk and Compliance Management provides organizations with a risk-based privacy program to meet expanding compliance requirements to protect customer data.

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