Business Continuity Tool Kit

A business continuity program is an important component of an organization’s risk management strategy. An effective business continuity program requires organizations to identify risks that might disrupt operations and then plan alternative measures to ensure personnel are protected and assets are functional if those risks were to occur. Our Business Continuity Toolkit outlines the steps necessary to develop a business continuity plan tailored to your organization. The toolkit’s plan template, procedure worksheet, and impact analysis template will help you ask the right questions, explore scenario potentials, and engage essential personnel to ensure business resiliency.

What’s included:

  1. Business Continuity Plan Best Practices Checklist (PDF)
  2. Business Continuity Plan Template (Word Doc)
  3. Business Continuity Procedure Worksheet (Excel Sheet)
  4. Business Continuity Impact Analysis Template (Excel Sheet)
  5. Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise Template (Word Doc)

Download the Tool Kit