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Professional Services

Assists new clients in deploying the Lockpath Platform and in performing advanced configuration to meet growing GRC needs. Lockpath developed a complete toolset that enables you to completely configure the platform without writing a line of programmable code. The result is a Lockpath implementation that can be measured in weeks, not months or years. Learn More

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Support Services

Focused on providing our customers with fast, reliable solutions to issues that arise while using the Lockpath Platform. Each issue submitted is reviewed and assigned to a live Support Analyst, who in turn, partners with you to best understand the issue, and provide the best available resolution in the shortest time frame possible. Learn More

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Education Services

Delivers training that enhances customer success; during initial deployment, on-boarding new personnel, or platform maintenance. We strive to deliver content that is relevant and continues to expand our library, but also addresses major enhancements. Become recognized as a Lockpath expert by completing our certification program. Learn More

Training & Certification

Discover – Develop – Deliver

Registered users can access our learning portal to view a course catalog, register for a session, or become Lockpath certified. For questions, contact the Education team at

Support Portal

Responsive – Reliable – Resourceful

Authorized users should use our customer support portal to submit tickets, search knowledgebase articles, and participate in user communities. For questions, contact Support at 913.601.4800 (opt.2.) or at

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