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Whether you want to issue assessments, track compliance, benchmark configurations, or report on key performance metrics, Lockpath has a solution to help you manage risk.

Integrated Risk Solutions

AM IconAudit Management

Generate audit tasks, track audit requests, and identify unmapped controls and risks. Learn More >>

CPM IconCompliance & Policy Management

Map policies to controls, facilitate collaboration with workflow, and report on compliance. Learn More >>

ORM IconOperational Risk Management

Maintain a risk register, issue and gather assessments, and automate process with workflow. Learn More >>

VRM IconVendor Risk Management

Create dynamic assessments, segment vendors by roles, and automatically score vendors. Learn More >>

BCM IconBusiness Continuity Management

Conduct business impact analysis, automate review plans with workflow, and map plans to risks. Learn More >>

ITRM IconIT Risk Management

Correlate scan data, automate stakeholder notifications, and integrate existing IT investments. Learn More >>

CRM IconConfiguration Compliance

Benchmark asset configurations, discover new and existing assets, and report configuration compliance. Learn More >>

HSM IconHealth & Safety Management

Catalog workplace incidents, perform job hazard analysis, and prepare for site inspections. Learn More >>

Compliance Solutions


Map requirements to controls, risks, policies, procedures, and more for a holistic view of compliance. Learn More >>


Streamline information gathering, comply with subject rights, and present compliance on dashboards. Learn More >>


Comply with HIPAA rules and safeguards, conduct risk assessments, and increase audit readiness. Learn More >>

ISO 27001

Run an efficient, effective ISO 27001 program while continuously monitoring and evolving your ISMS. Learn More >>

Internal Controls Auditing

Streamline the auditing process, manage audit findings effectively, and raise internal controls visibility. Learn More >>


Bring efficiency and exacting detail to compliance, centrally store information, and collaborate. Learn More >>


Integrate NIST CSF framework to power assessments, monitor progress, and show value with activities. Learn More >>

New York Financial Services Cybersecurity

Streamline compliance with NYCRR 500, saving on compliance costs and freeing time for other tasks. Learn More >>

OSHA 1910

Manage workplace safety policies and procedures, as well as job hazard analyses, and site inspections. Learn More >>


Simplify compliance with PCI’s six goals, manage data and risk, continuously monitor, and more. Learn More >>


Comply with privacy regulations, institutionalize privacy activities, and simplify reviews and audits. Learn More >>


Meet stringent requirements, as well as streamline SOX compliance activities and audit procedures. Learn More >>

UK Senior Managers and Certificate Program 

Maintain oversight of senior managers while giving them the autonomy to perform their duties. Learn More >>

Industry Solutions

Energy Sector

Meet requirements for energy, utility, gas regulations, manage risk, and maintain IT security. Learn More >>

Financial Services

Streamline and automate regulatory compliance and gain visibility into enterprise-wide risks. Learn More >>


Demonstrate compliance with regulations, maintain records, and present evidence for audits. Learn More >>

Higher Education

Address self-governing departments by centralizing compliance, audit, IT security, and more. Learn More >>


Identify, analyze, mitigate, and manage IT risks that impact the firm’s information security. Learn More >>


Manage risk across the enterprise, including risks to manufacturing, procurement, and distribution. Learn More >>

Public Sector

Minimize violations, protect citizen data, and strengthen public trust by utilizing a GRC solution. Learn More >>


Make processes more efficient and effective to meet increased requirements and higher risk. Learn More >>

Technology Sector

Store, centralize, and integrate data for risk analyses, compliance, and decision-making. Learn More >>