Lockpath for Business Continuity Management

Business continuity is being prepared for unpredictable business interruptions

Business interruptions slow business down or stop operations altogether. They don’t give an advanced warning when they’ll happen, tell you where they will occur, or the degree of severity of the interruption.

You can’t predict a business interruption, but you can be prepared for when it happens. Business continuity management and planning (BCMP) helps organizations plan and prepare for business interruptions to minimize their impact.

Advance your business continuity management planning with the Lockpath Platform. With Lockpath, you can:

  • Identify risk indicators that can lead to business interruptions
  • Generate reports and analytics from tabletop test results
  • Conduct business impact analyses to gauge financial impact
  • Use dependency modeling to determine the likely chain reaction
  • Map plans to risk, controls, processes, and vendors
  • Document recovery times of assets and resources
  • Store BCMP plans in one convenient, cloud-based location accessible

Regardless of your business or industry, can you afford to shut down or lose a critical asset for even a few hours? Use Lockpath for business continuity management and planning to be prepared for the unpredictable nature of business interruptions.


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