Lockpath for CCPA Compliance

Challenges managing CCPA compliance

Organizations are uncertain how to comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which takes effect Jan 1. 2020. While it may feel like you have plenty of time, the effective date will be here before you know it and it doesn’t help there is also uncertainty around enforcement of the penalties. As such, the pressure is on to find a way forward with CCPA compliance that can fit with the organization’s current compliance efforts.

Common challenges with CCPA compliance include:

  • Changing customer data management processes.
    Changing internal processes or misinterpreting CCPA requirements may well interrupt or slow down compliance efforts.
  • Getting the right technology.
    Integrating the customer database with technology for data processing is frequently time-consuming and disruptive to operations.
  • Assessing data stored off-site.
    Tracking down off-site data or data managed by third parties can make it a struggle to identify and integrate data with CCPA-compliant processes.
  • Managing multiple channels.
    Consumers have multiple channels to express their rights, which creates a dual challenge: delivering on customer requests and complying with CCPA.
  • Ensuring other priorities after breaches.
    Being pulled in different directions with different priorities after a breach can be stressful and unproductive.

Benefits of using Lockpath

Given the comprehensive aspect of managing data privacy, a regulation like CCPA calls for an integrated approach to compliance.

The Lockpath Platform is designed to perform integrated risk management and can manage all aspects of CCPA compliance. Lockpath can map requirements to controls, risks, policies, procedures and more for a holistic view of compliance.

  • Keep track of assets.
    Source data across the organization like asset management databases and vulnerability scanners.
  • Integrate disparate information.
    Integrate different data points from across the organization for a more complete picture of your compliance posture.
  • Understand and comply with data subject rights.
    Facilitate carrying out rights requests by data subjects.
  • Tailor messaging for effective communications.
    Keep everyone in the loop with custom messaging that enables you to address all or each stakeholder individually.
  • Manage incident response.
    Manage the entire incident response process, including investigations and remediation activities.

The Lockpath Difference

CCPA compliance requires organizations to have effective risk management practices. Lockpath’s unique approach to risk management integrates relevant data from across the business to address the needs, roles, responsibilities and processes of all stakeholders. Lockpath then helps you align compliance activities saving cost and effort, as well as preventing confusion so organizations can achieve their goals. If you’re tasked to comply with CCPA, Lockpath can help you:

  • Get the right data when you need it. Whether it’s a customer request, scanning tool results, compliance requirements, vendor risk assessments or audit results, Lockpath centralizes and manages the data so you can take immediate action.
  • Connect everything in one platform. Manage multiple workstreams and conduct all risk, compliance and audit activities within Lockpath. The platform’s integrated design allows you to use a single data set so everything from policies to incident response plans always have the latest data. Lockpath will even alert you when a key resource, asset or CCPA requirement changes.
  • Streamline the information gathering process. Lockpath helps you take charge of the information and evidence gathering processes. The platform automatically issues contextual data requests to business and asset owners and ties the request and gathered evidence to CCPA requirements.
  • Bring simplicity to dashboards and reporting. Lockpath’s real-time, drag-and-drop reporting engine allows users to create and configure their own dashboards and reports. This, coupled with Lockpath’s role-based permissions, ensures that the right people receive the right information at the right time in the context they require.
  • Orchestrate a multi-regulation management program. With Lockpath, you are not limited to just CCPA compliance. Leverage the platform to integrate and manage multiple risk and compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53. You can even create your own custom frameworks.

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