Lockpath for Compliance & Policy Management

Be responsive, thorough and efficient with compliance and policy management

Compliance management is a lot more challenging today. Compliance requirements are constantly changing, from new and updated regulations to changes in customer contracts. Each change can affect your policies, procedures, controls and other governing sources.

Compliance professionals muddle through, often missing compliance deadlines due to using inefficient tools such as spreadsheets and point solutions. What if there was a way to get more done with less stress and better results? There is a way.

Be more efficient and thorough in your response to compliance and policy changes with the Lockpath Platform. Relying on Lockpath, you can:

  • Manage a multi-regulation compliance program
  • Store all policies, procedures and authoritative sources in a central location
  • Create new policies and bring automation the policy review process
  • Map compliance requirements to controls, risks, policies and procedures
  • Gather evidence of compliance and capture policy attestations
  • Issue policy awareness notifications and reminders

Compliance requirements will continue to change. With Lockpath, you have a platform designed to empower your company to be responsive, efficient and thorough for a stronger compliance program.

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