Lockpath for Health & Safety Management

Deliver on workplace safety as an organizational goal with Lockpath

Your company views workplace safety as a top organizational goal, but the company depends on you and others to help achieve the goal. That’s challenging. Health and safety professionals spend a tremendous amount of time on compliance activities and documentation. Your tools of the trade like spreadsheets, shared drives and email help, but they don’t solve the fundamental challenge of delivering on workplace safety. Addressing the challenge is possible. More efficient processes would give you more time for bigger impact projects. Work more efficiently and deliver on workplace safety as an organizational goal with the Lockpath Platform.

With Lockpath, you can:

  • Record workplace accidents, along with details
  • Automatically generate submission-ready OSHA 300, 300A and 301 forms
  • Perform job hazard analyses (JHAs)
  • Conduct and document site inspections
  • Link risks identified in inspections and JHAs to the risk register
  • Make audit preparation easier and faster by centrally storing data

Required tasks and activities can slow you down or hold you back. Lockpath can streamline these tasks and activities and bring automation to many steps, freeing you to focus on the organizational goal of improving workplace safety.

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