Lockpath for Privacy Compliance

Challenges managing global privacy

A growing chorus of concerns over privacy has lawmakers scrambling to draft privacy legislation. That’s not to say that privacy regulations don’t exist. The European Union (EU) and numerous countries have privacy regulations on the books, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

Organizations are confused about what privacy regulations entail and how to comply with them, as well as bewildered by all the tools and promises of vendors.

Common challenges with global privacy requirements include:

  • Understanding the regulations.
    Complying with privacy regulations can be difficult given the onslaught of new regulations and their tendency to be more guidance-oriented than prescriptive. Determining what you must do and where to start is half the battle.
  • Knowing what technologies you have.
    You probably don’t know what data you have, all the applications your company uses, or where all your data is stored. These shadow IT assets are potentially covered by the myriad of privacy laws, putting you at risk of non-compliance.
  • Protecting data without disruption.
    Conducting assessments and continuously monitoring assets without disrupting people and processes is often problematic. The challenge is compounded when managing data outsourced to third parties.
  • Going beyond the right to be forgotten.
    It’s not enough to give data subjects the right to be forgotten. You also need to understand all the data subject’s rights. Focusing on one can be a detriment to the other rights and lead to non-compliance.
  • Handling fallout from notification requirements.
    In the event of a breach, managing notification requirements for data subjects and regulatory authorities can monopolize your time and cause you to lose sight of other priorities like crisis management and PR.

Benefits of using Lockpath

When companies understand the challenges of meeting global privacy requirements, the argument for an integrated management approach involving the entire company takes shape. Such an approach calls for defined processes supported by technology and accounts for data privacy whether the individual’s data resides on-site or across the world.

The Lockpath Platform is designed to manage compliance with global privacy regulations and internal standards. Lockpath can map multiple privacy requirements to controls, risks, policies and procedures for a holistic view of compliance.

With Lockpath you can:

  • Govern change more effectively.
    Manage risks brought by change and growth by assessing key aspects of business, including privacy compliance. Leverage information to input operations and support the goals of the business.
  • Understand your full IT landscape.
    Source data enterprise-wide, including asset databases, vulnerability scanners and other tools.
  • Monitor and prioritize risk.
    Make risk management more effective with ongoing monitoring. Prioritize risks and findings for investigation and share status with privacy officers and business managers through single-plane-of-glass dashboards.
  • Honor consumer privacy rights.
    Carry out requests specific to the regulation, as well as honor all consumer rights. Lockpath accounts for different privacy regulations by treating data subject rights specific to the regulation.
  • Make incident response efficient and effective.
    Manage the entire incident response process, including investigations and remediation activities, efficiently and effectively.

The Lockpath Difference

Managing global privacy involves many parts of the business, as well as third parties. Lockpath’s unique approach to risk management integrates relevant data from across the business to address the needs, roles, responsibilities and processes of all stakeholders. It also institutionalizes privacy activities, rolling compliance into daily operations and simplifying quarterly and annual activities required to maintain compliance.

Regardless of which privacy regulation you must to comply with, Lockpath will help you:

  • Get the right data when you need it.
    Whether it’s a customer request or scanning tool results, multiple document versions, vendor risk assessments or audit results, Lockpath automatically absorbs and manages the data so you can take immediate action.
  • Connect everything in one platform.
    Manage multiple workstreams and conduct all risk, compliance and audit activities within Lockpath. The platform’s integrated design allows you to use a single data set so everything from policies to incident response plans always have the latest data. Lockpath will even alert you when a key resource, asset or requirement changes.
  • Streamline the information gathering process.
    Lockpath helps you take charge of the information and evidence gathering processes. The platform automatically issues contextual data requests to identified business and asset owners and ties the request and gathered evidence to your privacy requirements.
  • Bring simplicity to dashboards and reporting.
    Lockpath’s real-time, drag-and-drop reporting engine allows users to create and configure their own dashboards and reports. This, coupled with Lockpath’s role-based permissions, ensures that the right people receive the right information at the right time in the context they require.
  • Orchestrate a multi-regulation management program.
    With Lockpath, you are not limited to just privacy compliance. Leverage the platform to integrate and manage multiple risk and compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53. You can even create your own custom frameworks.


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