Lockpath Standard: The New Standard in Risk Management

Meet your risk and compliance challenges head on

Companies across all industries are transforming their business through digitization. The advantages are great; efficiency and automation to labor-intensive processes speeds business and instant communication allows them to compete and win globally. However, these benefits also come with a new generation of IT risks that are evolving at an exponential rate.

Keeping up with the speed of today’s business, staying ahead of emerging risks, and proving compliance is a full-time job. One where you can’t fall behind. Point solutions do a great job of managing one or two portions of risk and compliance programs, however they lack the means to show how these affect other parts of the business. You need a better way to assess the true impact of IT and operational risks while staying compliant and secure.

Advance your risk management program with Lockpath Standard. Using patented technology, purpose-built integrations and award-winning functionality, Lockpath Standard:

  • Centralizes and connects policies, controls, authoritative guidance, risks and vulnerabilities, IT assets, incidents and issues, third parties, and business continuity plans
  • Issues, tracks, and scores risk assessments to internal and external parties
  • Identifies compliance gaps and risk dependencies
  • Imports and correlates vulnerability data and provides operational risk context
  • Tracks incident and issues investigation and remediation processes
  • Automatically generates audit tasks based on regulatory guidance

Whether you are managing IT risks, complying with multiple regulations, onboarding new vendors, or preparing for an audit, Lockpath Standard will help you holistically manage your risk for a more effective program.

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