The Keylight Platform

Published on June 21, 2017

Governance, Risk Management, & Compliance – or GRC for short – is a trending topic, and increasingly important for companies large and small. The GRC market is crowded with vendors that make similar claims around results, speed of installation, cloud-based solutions, and drag-and-drop reporting.

At LockPath we do exactly what we say. We offer a true, cloud-based solution that can be operational in weeks, not months, and reporting that can be configured in real-time – without adding a single line of program code.

Our award-winning Keylight Platform is used by organizations across industries, to automate business processes, manage risk, and demonstration regulatory compliance – all in an effort to achieve audit-ready status.

Keylight makes it easier to manage an effective compliance program by maintaining dashboard reporting for executives, and sharing supporting documentation for auditors. Keylight also allows an organization to house authority docs, its risk register, control activities, and detailed asset information such as devices, applications, and facilities – all in one database.

The 7 apps are integrated, but can work independently to manage all facets of a compliance and risk management program accessed through a user-friendly interface. With Keylight, time previously spent on antiquated means of managing risk and tracking compliance now becomes time focused on managing your business.

Learn more about LockPath, the Keylight Platform, and the full family of apps by visiting us at

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